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Everythin345Archies™0.5mx3/10m Wall Sticker Self-adhesive Foam Panels Wallpaper Extra Thick Tile Home Decoration For Living Room Children Bedroom

$37.99 USD$70.19 USD


Wall Stickers Tile Self-adhesive Panels Wallpaper Modern Home Decor Decoration For Bedroom Living Room TV Backdrop

Self-adhesive tape/self-adhesive panels/Tile stickers

• Each tile size: 50cm×300cm/1000cm(1.64ft x 9.84ft/32.8ft)

• Material:XPE Foam

• Easy DIY self-adhesive wallpaper

• Easy-clean waterproof wall covering

• Scenes:Bedrooms, living rooms,TV Backdrop, kindergartens, schools, shops, public places

•Service:Dropshipping wall stickers / Drop ship / Wholesale Self-adhesive panels wallpaper

•Peel-and-stick .No messy glue, paste or water needed – just pull off the backing and add to a clean and dry surface.


This wall sticker has heat insulation. Keep your home in good temperature.

0 formaldehyde, 0 pollution


Thickness is about 2mm.


Reduce noise

Wall stickers for children's room

Easy to clean.


Moisture and mildew proof,waterproof.


Flame retardant.



Tile wall sticker, Convenient operation, easy to paste, For home decor.



Colours Show.











Complete certificates, pass the test, safe and secure




You can cut it to the size you need



1.Clean the wall

2.Determine the size

3.Tear off the back paper

4.Paste the panel on the wall and press to make it more secure


1.Align the gaps neatly

2.The panel at the corner needs to be cut, and a whole panel cannot be pasted on the corner

Please look at the picture below to determine if your wall can use our wallpaper.


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