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Everythin345Archies™1/4/7 Pcs Stainless Steel Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool IASTM Tools Great Soft Tissue Mobilization Tool for Whole Body Acupoints

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About this item:

1. INJURY PREVENTION & RECOVERY FAST- IASTM tools aid in healing scarred, soft tissue and enabling quicker recovery after physical workouts. Using these muscle scraper tools to ease pain from plantar fasciitis, muscle knots, help to diminish stress, fatigue, exhaustion, better to relax whole body.
2. FULL BODY MASSAGERS- All the IASTM tools have a great variety of angles to work with. To relax large muscles such the back, latissimus dorsi erectus, trapezius etc. To detect the direction and depth of fascia problems, for a better guide of fascia massage.
3. HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- The set consists high-quality stainless steel scraping tools polished to a mirror-like finish. Solid and substantial, all surfaces are rounded and shiny smooth. These massage tools are durable and reduce friction for sensitive support.
4. PROTECTIVE PACKAGING BAG- The scraping massage tools come in an attractive, protective bag. Inside the bag are independent spaces of different sizes to secure the individual tools. It is super light but sturdy enough for general protection during transportation.

What is the IASTM?
IASTM is defined as the use of instruments or tools to assist with the identification and/or treatment of movement dysfunction caused by pain or changes to the soft tissue structures (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia).

Does it work?
Although results can vary, patients can typically notice improvements in pain and/or range of motion by the end of the first or second week of treatment.

Conditions Well-Suited for IASTM
- Achilles Tendinitis
- Shin Splints
- Low-Back Pain
- Muscle Strain
- Trigger Finger
- Scar Tissue
- Tennis Elbow
- Soft Tissue Problems

Our massage blade are made of 100% stainless steel, durable, static free and most easy to clean, They just need to be scrubbed with a cloth. Be Careful
1. In the scraped area, if the skin has ulceration, damage, inflammation, Hypersensitivity to the skin it is not appropriate to scrape.
2. The waist, abdomen and ankle of pregnant woman are not allowed to scrape.
3. Do not wash cold water within half an hour after gua sha scraping.
4. After scraping massage, drink a cup of hot boiling water to supplement the body's consumption of body fluid, promote metabolism, and accelerate the discharge of metabolites.

Package includes:
1 Pcs * Stainless steel gua sha tool
4Pcs/Set * Stainless steel gua sha tools
7Pcs/Set * Stainless steel gua sha tools

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