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Everythin345Archies™1000Pcs Nylon Cable Ties Adjustable Self-locking Cord Ties Straps Fastening Loop Reusable Plastic Wire Ties For Home Office

$16.99 USD$28.79 USD


Description of product quantity
Specification: 4x100 
Please note that our price is 250 pieces per bag.
Packaging: 1000 pieces/bag
The error range of the way of packing by hand and the quantity of sea packing allowed is + 2% o-2%! thank you
【Cable Tie Rings Tensile Strength】This cable tie comes with various sizes of cable ties to meet a variety of personal and professional needs. Different sizes and stretches A versatile item for different occasions.
[Black zipper tie self-locking design] It has ME TD zipper tie self-locking fastener design, strong and durable, strong lock, easy to handle, and prevents fastening. Features a cable zipper for a tight tie. Cable ties can be very flexible and resistant to high temperatures.
【Multi-Purpose Zipper】Perfect choice for home, office, garden, garage, travel and workshop neatness. HAVE ME TD Cable Ties are perfect for many indoor and outdoor projects such as organizing wires, chandeliers and banners, connecting garden fences/nets, plants, protecting bicycles/car accessories and more.
【Zipper Ties Black】Whether you need to organize different wires, zippers and other accessories, this is a good choice. Meet your different size requirements. No need to waste time finding different sizes of zip ties.



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