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10pcs/set Tuya Smart Door Lock Keyless Drawer Fingerprint Lock APP Unlock Smart Furniture Sauna Cabinet Locker Electronic Lock

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Product description :
1,This is an intelligent fingerprint drawer cabinet lock, which can be unlocked by fingerprint and Tuya APP, and it is easy and convenient to use without a key. Support furniture file cabinet shoe cabinet letter box drawer installation and use
2,Material: zinc alloy panel+ABS lock body+304 lock beam
3,Two installation methods: ①. Embedded installation; ②. Install as a handle
4,Two unlocking methods, fingerprint unlocking and tuya APP Bluetooth compatible unlocking, note that connecting to the gateway is not supported
5,The power supply method is 3 * AAA battery power supply, and when the battery is low, remind to replace the battery
6,Equipped with an emergency charging port, when the battery is completely discharged, the emergency charging port can be used to unlock the emergency charging. After unlocking, please replace the battery as soon as possible
7,Equipped with a decoder, it can restore the lock to the factory state when the fingerprint cannot be unlocked

Product parameters:
Name: smart fingerprint drawer lock
Unlocking method: fingerprint,tuya APP
Fingerprint capacity: 20 pieces
Colour: Black
Product size:
Fingerprint panel: φ35mm-17.5mm-φ29mm
Lock body: 60*86*23.5mm
Material: Material: zinc alloy panel+ABS lock body+304 lock beam
Power supply mode: 3 * AAA alkaline battery(not included)
Battery life: Standby for 12 months
Continuous switch lock more than 1000 times
Charging method: Android Micro USB 5V1000mA

Recognition: 360 semiconductor fingerprint recognition
Number of users: 20
Rejection rate: <1%
ESD: +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact
False acceptance rate: <0.002%
Identification time: <300mS
Service life: one million times
Working environment: temperature -20℃~70℃; humidity 40%RH~85%RH (no frost)
Storage environment: temperature -40℃~85℃; humidity <85%RH (no frost)
suitable for:Wardrobe, storage cabinet, desk cabinet, bookshelf, shoe cabinet

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The package includes:
10pcs*tuya lock set*1
10pcs*English user manual*1
10pcs*Decoder * 1

1. Entry fingerprint operation:

Press and hold any finger for 5 seconds, wait for the blue light to flash, release the finger at this time, the blue light is always on, indicating that the fingerprint can be entered. Press the fingerprint to be entered on the surface of the fingerprint recognition head. The green light flashes once to indicate that the entry is successful, remove your finger and press it again 5 times (if the red light is on during the entry, press again). After five successful entries, the green light stays on for one second, which means the entry is complete. (To enter other fingerprints, the administrator needs to be verified, and the entry is in progress. The first 3 fingerprints entered are the administrator).

2. Unlock operation:
Press with a successfully registered fingerprint. The green light flashes once to indicate that the fingerprint recognition is correct and the lock has been unlocked. (If the finger is pressed and the red flashes appear, it means that the fingerprint recognition fails, and the fingerprint needs to be pressed again)

3. Lock operation:
Press for 2 seconds with the successfully registered fingerprint in the unlocked state. After the green light turns to blue light, it means that the fingerprint recognition is correct and the lock is closed. (If you press your finger and it flashes red, it means that the fingerprint recognition fails, and you need to press the fingerprint again).

4. Delete fingerprint operation:
Press and hold your finger for 10 seconds, and wait for the red light to flash (it will flash blue first during this period). This time, loosen your finger and verify the administrator's fingerprints (the first 3 fingerprints entered are administrators). After the verification is passed, the green light turns on for 1 second, indicating that all fingerprints have been deleted successfully.

5. Precautions:
1. In the process of use, if the battery is out of power and cannot be unlocked, you can use USB, external power supply (charging treasure, etc.) to emergency unlock
2. When the lock does not store fingerprints, any finger can unlock the lock

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