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118PCS Cabinet Door Bumper of various size of silicone material for kitchen cabinet self-adhesive damper pad for door stopper

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Cushioning and sound insulation: Our transparent bumpers are very suitable for cabinets, doors, drawers, picture frames and glass table tops. They provide cushioning to prevent accidental impact, damage caused by impact and closure

; Color: transparent. Our door bumpers have a very sticky self-adhesive backing, which ensures that the bumper stays in place. The self-adhesive bumper pad is made of soft and environmentally friendly polyurethane, which is environmentally safe

Protecting the top of the furniture can protect your furniture from wear. Attach the surface protection stickers to the bottom of boxes, vases and other small decorations and accessories on tables or counters made of glass, wood, marble or other materials that you dont want to damage or scratch

Self-adhesive: easy to use, with built-in self-adhesive cabinet buffers, which can be easily glued to tables, desks, railings, cabinets or other furniture that needs cushioning or sound insulation. Stick to glass, wood, metal, ceramics, granite, etc.

Color: transparent

Shape: square, round

The package includes:

Cylindrical bumper:

32 (0,5''x0,14'')

25 (0,37''x0.13'')

25 (0,4''x0,1'')

20 (0,5''x0,1'')

Square bumper:

15 (0,44''x0,2'')


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