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Everythin345Archies™1pc For Samsung Vca-vm Dj97-01040c Sc43 Sc44 Sc45 Sc47 Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Hepa Filter Series Vacuum Cleaner Parts

$8.99 USD$13.19 USD




1. Size: Blue Sponge Filter: 150 x 76mm (Approx)


White Cotton Filter: 150 x 75mm (Approx)


2. Replacement air filters made with high quality materials.


3. Replacement filters for Samsung DJ97-01040C VCA-VM 45P SC43 SC44 SC45 SC47 Series Vacuum Cleaner.


4. Filters maintain robot's cleaning performance while reducing infiltration of dust, pollen and other allergens into the air you breathe.


5. For optimal performance of your vacuum, it is recommended that you replace your filter every 1-3 monthes.




Parts for Samsung VCDC13BV, SC44E1, VCMA15RV, VCMA16ES, VCMA16GV, VCMA20CC, SC43E0, VC-MB750T, VCC4474S3O/XEV, VCC4470S4R/XME, SC4310, SC4316, SC4320, SC4326, SC4330, SC4332, SC4336, SC4340, SC4350, SC4351, SC4352, SC4355, SC4357, SC436S, SC4370, SC4380, SC438S, SC4390, SC4470, SC4471, SC4472, SC4473, SC4474, SC4475, SC4476, SC4477, SC44E0, SC4530, SC4535, SC4540, SC4545, SC4550, SC4555, SC4580, SC4581, SC4750, SC4755, SC4756, SC4757, SC4760, SC4761, SC4765, SC4780, SC4781, SC4782, SC4785, SC4787, SC4790, SC4795, SC4799, SC47S5, VC-B600T, VC-B601T, VC-B610W, VC-B620U, VC-B620W, VC-BK600M, VC-BK601M, VC-BK620B, VC-BK621B, VC-BM600, VC-BM601, VC-BM602, VC-BM603B, VCC4310H14/XAX, VCDC20AH, VCDC20AV, VCDC20BH, VCDC20DV, VCDC20EH, VCMA15QS, VCMA16BS, VCMA18AV, VCMA18BV, VCMA206B, VCMA20CV, VC-MB705T, VC-MB706T, VC-MB707T, VC-MB708T, VC-MB715W, VC-MB716W, VC-MB717W, VC-MB718W, VC-MB71AW, VC-MB71BW, VC-MB755T, VC-MB755W, VC-MB756T, VC-MB756W, SC45W0, SC45W1, SC44E2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner




1PC x Blue Sponge Filters


1PC x White Cotton Filters





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