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Everythin345Archies™1PCS Wood Muscle Release Tool, Ma Roller, Back Massager, Full Back Pain Relief and Spine Stretch Tool, Wood Therapy Massage Tool

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About this item:
【Muscle Pain relief】: Relieve upper and lower waist pain, apply concentrated pressure along the spine to relieve muscle tension. Designed for massaging buttocks, back, waist, neck, calves, shoulders, and thighs, it can eliminate muscle stiffness and soreness.
【Safe and High-Quality Raw Materials】-For the safety and experience of customers, we choose moisture-proof, non-discoloring, durable, natural high-quality rubber wood to ensure the quality of the tool itself. 100% raw wood material can ensure the safety of your skin.
【Spine and Bone Support 】- Deep centered groove for consistent, effective, targeted massage.This wood roller tool can relieves muscle aches, and helps control back spasms, and helps align vertebrae.
【Easy to Use】: The Roller tool is easy to use. We recommend starting your first session on a bed or couch, where there is some soft give under the Roller, because lying on a soft surface means that the roller doesn't press as hard into your back. If you work on a floor, the roller presses up with it's full force into those knots. So start on the bed, later after you get the hang of it you can try it using the Roller on the floor for those tough problem areas.
【Perfect Gift for Different Ages】-Specially suitable gift for people who are backache, hip pain, sore waist and also young people with these problems. Perfect gift on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teachers' Day, Birthday, Christmas.

To Begin:
1. Start at your upper back, and lie down with your spine centered over groove in the wood Roller, so that the roller presses into the flesh either side of the spine and NOT into your spine.
2. The idea is to try to do less not more. Like back carefully, and feel the raised areas of the roller pressing into the flesh on either side of the spine.
3. Does it hurt? Go easy, Lie still and breathe. Let your body melt into the roller. The idea is not to roll your body up and down over the roller, instead, work the roller slowly inch by inch down your spine toward your butt, working one spot at a time. Rest and breathe at each spot until the tension melts away.
4.  Allow about 30-45 minutes to work the entire length of your spine. As your tension fades, you will notice your body melting down around the roller. You'll soon feel very relaxed.
5. The tenderness that you experience is a result of those tight muscles in your back responding to the pressure of the Roller, much in the same way you might feel some tenderness when a massage therapist digs deeply into those stubborn knots. As long as the tenderness is not a result of injury, your muscles will let go, and you will soon feel better.

Package List:
1 PCS * Wood Muscle Release Tool


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