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Everythin345Archies™1Pcs Wood Therapy Massage Tools Wooden Lymphatic Drainage Massager for Anticellulite, Body Contouring, Muscle Relax

$15.99 USD$33.79 USD53% off


  • 【The Highest Technical Standard】The wood therapy massage tools are made of pure natural wood, with solid design, smooth surface, no burr and no irritation to the skin. Easy to clean, each tool is carefully and evenly sanded and sealed to ensure a smooth surface that won't scratch the skin.

  • 【Deeply Massage the Muscle Layer】The wood massage tools through precise design and cutting, can penetrate deep into the muscle and fascia layer, quickly relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and other uncomfortable symptoms, improve the state of the body. Long-term use can make the body more relaxed and comfortable, muscle recovery faster, help you quickly recover physical strength, improve the effect of sports.

  • 【Personal Toning Tools】Wood therapy massage tools are ideal sliming tools, which can help you eliminate excess fat and edema, and build a perfect body shape. Long time work and life often lead to body fatigue and pain. The wood massage tools can effectively relieve the pressure and fatigue of the body. It massages muscles and improves local blood circulation, thus relieving soreness and stiffness in the body.

  • 【Easy to Use at All Times】 Wooden therapeutic massage tools are compact, light and easy to carry, and you can enjoy a comfortable massage anytime and anywhere. We provide protective bag for each massage tool, which is convenient for you to carry with you and protect your massage tool from damage. Whether at home or on the road.

  • 【Professional Massage Set】We put together the most effective wooden therapeutic massage tools in one kit wood massage tools. Let you have the most professional home massage tools at once. You will receive 1 * Maderoterapia Cup massager, 1 * Gua Sha Massager Board, 1 * Anti Cellulite Massage Roller(9 wheels), 1 * Massage Roller stick(5 wheels), 1 * Wooden Massage Roller, 1* Wooden crescent Massager.


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