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Everythin345Archies™3/4/5cm Fleece Dry Kit Ball Reusable Wool Dryer Balls Softener Laundry Washing Machine Accessories Home Washing

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• Reusable and eco-friendly :These dryer balls are reusable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable dryer sheets.


• Softens clothes without damaging them :The wool material of these balls softens clothes without damaging them, leaving them feeling smooth and comfortable.


• Easy to use :Simply toss the balls in with your laundry and let them do their job. No need for any special instructions or equipment.


• Versatile :These balls can be used in any type of laundry, from clothes to bedding and more.


Product features:

1: The fast cleaning technology specially designed for clothes can be cleaned with a little water and foam

2: Wool balls have rich fiber holes that can help clothes absorb odors during the drying process without fear of rainy weather

3: Adding wool balls according to the amount of clothing can reduce your drying time by up to 20%, with a small amount of 4 for clothes and 6 for thick clothes or bed sheets. Reasonable use can reduce your drying time by up to 20%


Name: Wool drying ball

Material: Cotton

Weight: 15g per unit

Size: diameter 3cm/4cm/5cm

Color: White

Packaging: OPP bag

Function: Shorten drying time, reduce static electricity, and adsorb yarn


Instructions for use:

1.Add a dryer/washing and drying integrated machine before drying; (Water needs to be drained and used for drying steps)

2.Add a certain amount of wool balls according to the amount of clothing. After use, remove and dry the wool ball before storing it;

3.After using the wool ball, it will get stained with the fibers of the clothing, not dirty. It can be used again for a period of time, and the surface of the wool ball will be covered with various threads and hair, which will affect the use effect. At this time, you can trim it and continue using it;



Only suitable for use with a hair dryer. Wool balls will get stained with clothing fibers, threads, and hair after use, and are not dirty. You can trim them and continue using them. Please be aware! Wool roasted sheep balls are handmade and cannot be made into standard round balls.


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