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Everythin345Archies™3d Printer Accessories 1.75MM Filament Welder Connector Joiner tool Filament Splicer Filament welding For All Kind PLA/ABS/PETG

$13.99 USD$22.29 USD




Product Name: Filament Welder Connector

Size: 1.75MM
Color: black/ silver
Material: Aluminum
Package list
1PC * Filament Connector
1PC* Allen Key


Made of metal material, high quality,innovative design, easy to use.

How to use

1.Trim the two filament heads that need to be connected.
2.One end pass-through from the direction of the big end of the filament welder to the tick mark.
3.The other end pass-through from the direction of the small head to the exposed 1-2mm.
4.Burn with fire for 5-7 seconds. (This time is mainly for ordinary pla, abs, other harder filament should be slightly longer)
5.Then quickly push the filament from the small end into the small hole at the big end, slowly (must not be fast).
6.Then slowly pull back when the joint is exposed, back and forth several times.
7.After the filament is completely cooled, the filament is completely pushed out from the small head end until it can be easily trimmed.
8.Test the results after the repair is completed(carefully bend the joint - straighten - bend - straighten).
9.If you hear a crisp sound, we need to weld again.
10.Unscrew the bolt at one end of the waist groove the connecting piece with, take out the filament, and assemble the filament welder for the next use.


1.The more the filament is used, the more severe the final bending is, and the strength of the rebound is relatively large.Therefore, it is stabilized with one finger before the fire, which can increase the success rate.
2.The hardness of the filament of different materials is different.
3.The harder the material is, the longer the burning time is.
4.Do not wait until the end of the filament is very close to the extruder.


When using, push from the small end to the big end.

FRQ: why is the received connector aperture larger than the standard 1.75?

A: when using the lighter to heat, the consumables expand when they meet the heat, so the aperture needs to be designed a little larger, otherwise the connection is not easy to succeed;

FRQ: why is the aperture of the connector received larger at one end and smaller at the other end? Is it not done well in the factory?

A: when connecting, please push from the small end to the large end. This is the design of the connector.

FRQ: why can't I get it all right?

A: please check if the consumables are damp and of the same material. Take a look at the video and practice more. I believe most of the clients will succeed.



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