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Everythin345Archies™3D Printer Heat bed Upgrade PEI Build Plate Removal PEI Spring Steel Sheet Pre-applied PEI with Magnetic Base for Ender 3 CR10

$47.99 USD$89.69 USD



120mm with Base
120mm no Base
150mm with Base
150mm no Base
165mm with Base
165mm no Base
180mm with Base
180mm no Base
200mm with Base
200mm no Base
203mm with Base
203mm no Base
220mm with Base
220mm no Base
235mm with Base
235mm no Base
310mm with Base
310mm no Base



We are the manufacturer of produce&sell PEI sheet, PEI flex-plate system, powder coated PEI in China. With 7 years of research and development of PEI build bed experience, we have done a lot of material and technical improvements and a lot of printing tests. We have our own team, from production to after-sales, to bring the most convenient service to customers. Rest assured to buy it, you will receive high-quality PEI board and 24 hours for you to answer and service!

Upgrade Textured PEI PET PEO PEY Surface:

1.Upgrade PEI is double side texture design,more adhesive,more sturdy,more high-end and cost-effective.

2.Upgrade PEI is More delicate sandblasted texture

3.Upgrade PEI is 0.5mm high quality thicked steel plate,stronger and more durable

4.High quality soft magnetic sticker,stronger adsorption force,more stable use process


Multiple Product Specifications:

  • Double-sided PEI spring steel sheet textured *1(double sides are PEI powder coating), with magnetic base or not.

  • Double-sided PEI spring steel sheet textured and smooth *1(one side is power coated PEI& another side is smooth PEI film applied), with magnetic base or not.

  • Double-sided texture PEI+smooth PEO film spring steel sheet *1(one side is power coated PEI& another side is PEO film applied), with magnetic base or not.

  • Double-sided texture PEI+smooth PET film spring steel sheet *1(one side is power coated PEI& another side is PET film applied), with magnetic base or not.

  • Double-sided texture PEI+smooth PEY film spring steel sheet *1(one side is power coated PEI& another side is PEY film applied), with magnetic base or not.

Newly upgraded hotbed printing platform——

Any size is available and supports customization!!!!!

  • 120x120mm (4.72x4.72inch),
    Compatible with: Voron V0 3D Printer

  • 165x165mm (6.5x6.5inch),
    Compatible with: Ender-2 Pro/LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop

  • 180x180mm (7.09x7.09inch),
    Compatible with: Kingroon KP3S

  • 190x190mm (7.48x7.48inch)
    Compatible with: Prusa Mini

  • 200x200mm (7.87x7.87inch)
    Compatible with: Kingroon KP3S Pro

  • 203x203mm (7.99x7.99inch)
    Compatible with: Xyz Davinci Mini

  • 220x220mm (8.66x8.66inch), Compatible with: Voxelab Aquila c2 x2 s2/Anet A8/Wanhao Duplicator i3/Monoprice Maker

  • 230x230mm (9.06x9.06inch)
    Compatible with: ANKER M5/Genius/Genius Pro

  • 235x235mm (9.25x9.25inch)
    Compatible with: Ender 3/Ender 3 S1/Ender 3 Pro/Ender 3S/Ender 3 V2/CR20/CR20 Pro/ Ender 5/Ender 5 Pro

  • 250x250mm (9.84x9.84inch)
    Compatible with: Voron/Anker Make M5

  • 255x255mm (10.04x10.04inch)
    Compatible with: Creality CR-6 SE

  • 257x257mm (10.12x10.12inch)
    Compatible with: Bambu Lab X1/P1P

  • 260x260mm (10.24x10.24inch)
    Compatible with: Geetech A20M

  • 300x300mm (11.81x11.81inch), Compatible with: Kingroon KP5L/SV04 IDEX/FYSETC Voron/Ender 3 S1 Plus/Ender 3 Max Neo

  • 310x310mm (12.2x12.2inch)
    Compatible with: Artillery SW X1/SW-X2/CR-10/ CR-10S/Tevo Tornado/Nereus/Anet A8 PLus/E12

  • 320x310mm (12.6x12.2inch)
    Compatible with: CR-10S Pro/CR-X

  • 350x350mm (13.78x13.78inch)
    Compatible with: FYSETC Voron 2.4

  • 241x253.8mm (9.49x9.99inch)
    Compatible with: Prusa i3 MK3S+

  • 410x410mm (16.14x16.14)inch
    Compatible with: CR-10S4/Anycubic Chiron

  • 229x257mm (9.02x10.12inch)
    Compatible with: Ultimaker 2

In addition to being suitable for the above models, it can also be used for other similar hotbed size models.

If you are not sure about whcih size match your 3d printer, please measure your 3d printer hotbed size !!!




  2. What is genuine powder coated PEI?
    The color shall be amber(light golden). In general, you can print PLA/PETG/PC/ABS /TPU/Nylon and some strong stickness filaments without heating. 
    The clips may work but the magnetic base is better a lot as the heating may make a difference on the flatnesss.

  3. PET/PEO/PEY provides a smooth surface, which helps printed objects adhere to the bed and ensures even adhesion of the first print layer.  It offers strong adhesion, is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for printing materials: PLA

  4. PEI/PET/PEO/PEY must be used with the magnetic base.
    If you are going to buy a product without magnetic base,
    please make sure you already have a magnetic base.


Print Instructions:


①When first time printing, keep the built sheet smoothing (the nozzle and the hot bed distance adjust to A4 paper thickness).

②Tear off the adhesive on the base of the magnetic sticker and stick it on the hot bed platform, pay attention to be flat and do not leave air bubbles.

③Adsorb the PEI side or the PET side spring steel plate on the magnetic base.

④We suggested printing temperature: PLA 60℃ PETG 70-80℃ ABS 90-100℃.

Start printing in PET and PEO sheet, the temperature of the hot bed can be set to 40°C-80°C according to the actual situation (PEO/PET do not over 80°C).

PEI sheet can be work in 160°C~180°C for a long period of time, PEI can not over 200°C.

⑤Take off the sheet from printing surface and bend the sheet slightly, you can easy to take the model.



  1. Double-sided printing, It is convenient, durable and practical.

  2. High temperature resistance, scratch resistance, no deformation.

  3. Suits variety of filaments, especially for PLA.

  4. Don't need to use glue, easy to use.

  5. Easy to get the first layer even for a new user.

  6. Easy to clean, just wipe it off with a wet tissue or alcohol before printing.

  7. The soft magnetic base with 3M is not only very magnetic, but also very sticky,which can prevent warping.

  8. Spring steel sheet is made of stainless steel, no matter how bent it is, it can return to flat state, good flatness!


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