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Everythin345Archies™3DSWAY 3D Printer Parts PLA ABS TPU PETG Filament Filters Cleaner Dust Removal Anti-static Wiped Off Debris Nozzle for Ender 3

$8.99 USD$13.19 USD


Product Feature


As most filaments are made from plastics,they are often statically charged and attract all sorts of debris from around your filament storage or work space.


The anti-static filament cleaner wipes lint,dust,or other dirt before the filament enters your printer's valuable extruder and nozzle.


The use of the Filament Cleaner Block will prevent your nozzle from being blocked by a buildup of debris and extend your nozzle's and hot-end's useful life.


Product Instructions


As the filament is pulled through the cleaner block, dust, hair, small plastic, or other material shavings are wiped off the surface of the filament. As hot-ends, extruders and nozzles are getting more and more sophisticated and monolithic, repair or replacement is costly and also can incur quite some printer down-time. This filament cleaner prevents all this and keeps you printing without interruption.


Product Description


Name: Filament Cleaner


Material: Plastic


Size: 15*30mm

Color: Black


Compatible for: 1.75mm or 3.0mm Filament


Please make sure what is type of your choice, check it again when you pay it.


Package list:Filament Cleaner(the quantity is subject to your order)


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