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3L Automatic Pet Cat Drinking Water Fountain Dispenser Drinker Source Bowl Feeder Cats Dogs Filter Quiet With Sensor CY0006

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In order for you to receive the perfect product, we thicken the package(weight = freight), After a long journey of the product, we all hope you see it is complete and high-quality.
If the goods received are damaged, full compensation will be paid. Excluding the outer package box.

84oz/3L Large Capacity

3L water capacity is great for dogs, cats, multiple pet households. No need to replenish water frequently, the pet drinking fountain can provide enough fresh water for a pet to drink at least 16 days, so you could go out for a few days without worrying about your pets.Rabbits, birds and other pets can also enjoy drinking water together.

Why you need a Automatic Pet Water Fountain?

Because it provides flowing water, it effectively increases the amount of water that pets drink every day and reduces the probability of pets getting sick, especially kidney stone diseases.In order to drink more healthy water, we increased the filtration system to 8 layers.

*Super filter element box, it is recommended to change it every 1-2 months.
*Graphite cotton, it is recommended to change it every2-3 months.
Click the filter picture to enter the purchase page.

Brushless DC Pump

Voltage: 5v
Power cord length: 2M
Flow performance: 170L/H
Sound intensity: 24-38dB(The pumping state is about 40 decibels)

Power-off protection to prevent dry burning and safer use

The same manufacturer, the same performance, the same Qmax and Hmax, and the same noise level. Both models will be sent randomly.

Pump Maintenance:
-Remove the pump cover
-Remove the impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip locate
-Remove the impeller and clean the parts with warm water with towel
-Please clean the pump once 1-2 week.and the growth of bacteria in every corner cannot be ignored.

clean! It is also an easy thing.

There is no extra design at the bottom to make cleaning easier. The use of ABS food-grade materials does not contain BPA, which is more effective and less bacterial growth, and meets ROHS indicators

Infrared radar sensor:

using USB connector input and output, the product can adjust the angle of the bracket and the probe 360°, and sense the wide-angle 180° distance 0~3 Within meters, product advantages: smart pet, energy-saving and mute, induction open power-off protection, external portability, and prolong the service life of drinking water equipment pumps.If there are no pets nearby, it will remain stationary, but it will automatically cycle and filter four times a day, every saix hours, to ensure clean water.

Share little knowledge
1. Generally clean the water dispenser once every 4-7 days. Change the water dispenser once a month.
2.The water consumption of a cat is related to its weight.The normal cat's water consumption is 40-60ML per kilogram per day, and the cat's weight of 4kg is 160-240ML per day.
3. Do not place it on a high place to avoid pets from overturning.
4. When changing the water source, please cut off the power supply.
5. Keep water away from cat toilets. As for why, I believe you understand.

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