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Everythin345Archies™4 Ports Aluminum External Dock Station USB 3.0 Type C Clip HUB with Power Supply TF Card Slot 5Gbps Data Transmission for PC

$37.99 USD$59.79 USD



4 Ports Aluminum External Dock Station USB 3.0 Clip HUB Multi Splitter Adapter with Power Supply 5Gbps Data Transmission for Windows/7/8/10



Material: aluminum alloy +ABS

Width of clamping position: 10-32mm

Data cable: A TO A(150cm)



●All four interfaces support USB3.0 high-speed transmission. Say goodbye to the trouble of repeated plugging and unplugging, and the use of multiple devices can be easily controlled. The theoretical transmission speed of USB3.0 is 480MB/S, and large pictures and files can be easily transmitted in seconds.

●Buckle design, which can be clamped at the edge of the display screen or desktop, does not occupy desktop space, and the buckle design is stable and stylish.

●Divided into power supply and without power supply, the Android power supply port is reserved, and the power can be supplied through the data cable, so as to meet the power supply requirements of large-capacity equipment, and it is easy to read data. It is also enough to buy the design without charging port without using high-power equipment.

●It is made of aluminum alloy, light in weight, easy to carry, good in texture, small in size and small in space, which can reduce burning.

●It can clamp the edge of the monitor or table with a spacing of 10-32mm, and the silicone anti-skid pad can prevent scratching and protect the equipment.

●Plug-and-play multi-system dual-guest, stable and compatible with Windows/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS, etc.




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