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Everythin345Archies™4000-1000 Pairs Self Adhesive Fastener Tape Dots 10/15/20mm Adhesive Strong Glue Magic Sticker Round Fastener Hook Tape

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1000 Pairs
2000 Pairs
3000 Pairs
4000 Pairs


1000 Pairs Nylon Sticker Double Sided Adhesive Hooks Loops Disks Round Fastener Tape


1000 Pairs Nylon Adhesive Sticker Double-sided Hooks Loops Disks Table Chair Feet Protection Pad


Specifications: Diameter: 10mm/0.39in, 15mm/0.59in, 20mm/0.79in
Quantity: 1000 pairs (1000 hooks +1000 loops)
Material: blending, super glue
Blend categories: nylon, polyester blend

Bags, handbags, shoes, hat, clothing, electronic wire, charger, printing industry, sleeping bags, cushions, aviation supplies, poncho, umbrellas, curtains, toys, packaging, BMX jackets, display utensils , medical equipment, sports equipment, industrial supplies, DIY accessories, baby products, military products.


This double-sided adhesive tape through high-temperature hot melt machine, the glue melt in the back of ordinary tape and special tape, and then paste a layer of oily release paper.





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