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Everythin345Archies™4G Alarm System For Home Security With PIR Door Sensor WiFi 4.3-inch Big Screen Tuya Smart Life App Control Support Google Alexa

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Plug Type:

AU Plug
UK Plug
EU Plug

PG-107 4G GSM WiFi Home Alarm System Tuya Smart Life APP control Security Alarm Kit

Warm Tips:
1. Built-in 10 languages, can switch freely
2. Support 99 wireless defense zones and 4 wired defense zones
3. LCD menu display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient
4. The phone function supports 5 groups of redial numbers
5. Full capacitive touch operation, feel better
6. Support remote arming and disarming
7. Built-in wireless transmitter function can configure wireless siren and control smart home appliances
8. Support SMS and APP remote control and parameter setting
9.Support Wifi/GSM/GPRS network alarm system
Support different alarm channels
(App push/SMS/voice monitoring/center alarm to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)


For signal frequencies in Brazil and other South American countries, please order US Plug and contact us to replace the Plug.

Product Features:

The alarm is PG107 4G version, which is a touch screen, and it is used with WIFI and SIM cards.

WIFI provides network functions, SIM cards provide call and SMS functions.

The alarm supports 10 languages, namely Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek.

1. This alarm is to install a sensor on the window or door. If you open the door or window, it will trigger the alarm, send a loud alarm, and send a text message through the smart life app to inform you. If you put the SIM card in the alert, it will call you the voice call.

2. If the PIR movement sensor is installed in the need, it is the infrared sensor of the human body. When someone approaches, it will send a warning voice, and it will also send a text message and call you.

3. If you install smoke detectors, carbon monitor detectors, and gas detectors, you will also notify you when fire and gas leakage.

4. It has a lot of settings. You can set it to the mute mode when you go home, the alarm protection mode when you go out, and so on.

5. You can also open the protection mode and revoke the protection mode remotely through the mobile app.

Connect all 433MHZ sensorsEmergency, one key emergency alarmConnect the phone, detect the thief immediately notify the policeSupport ten languages can be switched

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