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Everythin345Archies™5050 5V USB LED Strip Light RGB Tape 30 Meters Bluetooth Led Ribbon Ice String Music Sync Holiday Lighting Wall Room Decoration

$33.99 USD$63.69 USD


How does it work?

In the first step, you need to connect the light strip and the control cable, plug into the USB port. The second step, scan the QR code on the connection cable to download the application. The third step, turn on the Bluetooth mode and pair your device in the app.

Does it come with batteries?

Yes, with cr2025 button battery,Note: Bluetooth and infrared 3 keys themselves do not have batteries,The Bluetooth light strip is controlled by the mobile phone program, and the 3-button light strip is controlled by the mini 3-button controller.

How to link the 20m and 30m light strips?

The 20-meter light strip is composed of two 10-meter light strips, and it is enough to connect two tapes with a splitter;the 30-meter light strip is composed of two 15-meter light strips, and it is enough to connect two tapes with a splitter up.

Why does the light strip not emit light after it is connected?

Please try switching the positive and negative poles of the usb. If the light strip still does not glow, please contact customer service to solve the problem.

Why is the remote not working?

Please install the battery correctly, align the controller with the power supply for operation,if it still does not work, please contact customer service as soon as possible

What occasions are they used in?

They can be used for decorating and lighting up at any place, such as TV background, bedroom, gaming, bookcase, shoe cabinet, closet, kitchen, living room, bedroom, wall, stairs, ceiling, porch, computer desk, especially great for Christmas, festival atmosphere like wedding, birthday, Parties and Halloween.


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