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Everythin345Archies™5K 12MP WiFi Camera Wireless Outdoor 10X Zoom Three Lens Security Protection Surveillance Cameras Auto Tracking P2P CCTV PTZ Cam

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5K 12MP WiFi Camera Wireless Outdoor 10X Zoom Three Lens Security Protection Surveillance Camera Auto Tracking P2P CCTV PTZ Cam


* Three lenses, three sensors, and three screens design, allowing you to see more details;, support for 10X hybrid zoom (3x optical + electronic zoom) to see more details;
* One camera tops three (2 guns + 1 dome)
* 4K/5K two resolutions for your choice. Super high definition picture, bringing you a higher definition visual experience
* Equipped with a high gain enhanced 5dBi antenna, your camera can receive a wider range of signals;
* Built-in IR LED and white LED to present you with clear and colourful day/night images
* 3 image modes: intelligent mode/infrared mode/colour mode,
* Support body detection, automatic tracking
* AI intelligent algorithm/realizes video 3D positioning, continuous tracking of target alarm.
* All-round monitoring of the head, pan/horizontal 0~355 degrees, vertical 0~90 degrees.
* Perfect two-way sound/echo cancellation and noise suppression technology
* 2.4G WIFI support (5G WiFi not supported), RJ45 network port for internet access.
* IP66 waterproof, working temperature -10° to 50° even in bad weather.
* TF storage and cloud storage support/up to 128G
* Real-time image transmission, adaptive network;
* Application: IPC360 HOME

Three-Lens & Three Screen

* The 5K camera enables real-time monitoring of three frames. The first frame is the pan-tilt camera and the second and third lens frames are the fixed position camera. You can click on the position in the fixed position camera video that you want to zoom in on and the pan-tilt camera of the two shots below will move to the specified position.

lens high light resolution

* 5K pixels = 4M lens + 4M lens + 4M lens
* 3 lenses for real-time recording. Higher resolution for a smooth video playback experience.

One Camera, Triple Performance

* This 6K camera is the same as three regular cameras combined, one camera for three cameras, saving you the hassle of installing more cameras

Wide angle vision of 175°

Three Lens 10X Zoom

* The camera features a 10x digital zoom that allows you to zoom in and out freely within the app, supporting multiple zoom magnifications to see even the smallest details clearly, with a clear picture that brings you a better visual experience than anything else on the market.

AI Auto Tracking

* With advanced AI auto tracking technology, After locking the target, the video camera will adjust the pan/tilt rotation automatically, Tracking moving objects This security camera never let you miss any important moment

Motion detection and intelligent alarms

* This security system analyses the visitor's body shape and instantly identifies people or animals or static objects, this smart home camera will capture abnormal human movements
* When abnormal movements are detected, it will push an abnormal message through the app to alert you intelligently, and the camera outputs linked lights

Dual light night vision

* Built-in white LED and infrared LED. Monitor moving objects and illuminate automatically. This is an impressive small weapon to fight crime.
* The camera shows a colourful view even at night, with three night modes for you to choose from, which can be freely switched via the app

IP66 Waterproof

* This WiFi camera case is made of high-quality engineering plastic material, which is waterproof, sunscreen, and dustproof. It can meet most usage scenarios without worrying about rain and snow causing damage to the camera.

PTZ Control

* PTZ cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide large coverage and great detail from a single camera. Use the iPC360 Home APP to remotely control the camera up and down and left and right to reduce blind spots.

Two-way audio and multi-user sharing

* With perfect two-way audio effects, echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, this security camera makes it easy to have a live conversation, allowing you to communicate with the person across the room without any effort.
* Multi-user sharing is supported so that people at home can enjoy the convenience of using this security camera

Supports wireless connection and network cable

* Deze camcorder ondersteunt zowel draadloze als bedrade verbinding, het kan worden aangesloten via 2.4G WIFI-verbinding met RJ45-poort

Suitable for various occasions

* The diversity of products can better meet the needs of different groups of people and different places
* It can be installed in almost any environment, home, school, shopping mall, ranch, warehouse, etc., real-time monitoring, at any time can view everything that happens at the monitoring point, timely stop the bad things that are about to happen, protect the personal safety of you and your family, property safety, etc

Micro SD-kaarten en cloudopslag

* Ingebouwde SD-kaartsleuf, thie videobewakingscamera ondersteuning tot 128g Micro SD-kaart (SD-kaart niet inbegrepen)
* De PTZ-camera ondersteunt ook gecodeerde beveiligde cloudopslag, beschermt de opname in de cloud tegen verlies van beeldmateriaal als gevolg van schade zoals diefstal van de beveiligingscamera

Support for APP remote control view

* The IPC360 Home APP allows you to remotely control and view live footage from the camera, keeping you informed of what's happening around the house



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