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Everythin345Archies™60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Solder Rework Station Heat Pen Tips Electric Soldering Iron for Repairing by BeBosLook

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• Adjustable Temperature :The welding solder rework station heat pen tips can be adjusted to different temperatures, making it versatile for various soldering tasks.

• Electric Soldering Iron :This product is an electric soldering iron, which means it can heat up quickly and provide a more efficient soldering experience.

• Repairing :The 60W adjustable temperature welding solder rework station heat pen tips are perfect for repairing electrical circuits and other soldering tasks.

• Soldering Iron Tips :The electric soldering iron comes with different types of soldering iron tips, making it suitable for various soldering tasks.

60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Solder Rework Station Heat Pen Tips Electric Soldering Iron for repairing
by BeBosLook

Adjustable temperature 200℃-450℃ with a temperature control knob,special process corrosion resistance,oxidation resistance.

Stainless steel casing,prevent the aging of consumables due to ultra-high temperature and extend the life of the heating element.

Environmental protection tip,anti-oxidation,tinning effect more powerful and long service life,using refinfed copper as the main material exellent thermal conductivity.

Thermal insulation silicone sheath,high temperature resistant super soft,comfortable hand feeling,anti slippery.

Very strong wettablility,ductility,easy to tin,solder joints are round.

LED indicator will light up when powered.

Long-life heating element,the service life is often fast temperature compensation,accurate temperature!Stainless steel casing,good heat insulation effect,rest assured.

Package included:

1. 60W Gray Soldering Iron X 1PCS

2. iron tips X 5PCs

3. Stand X 1PCS

4. tin wire x 1PCs

5. Tweezers X 1PCS

6. Small flying line X 1PCS

7. Suction cup X 1PCS

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