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Everythin345Archies™8 Speed 4 Brush Head Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Smart Adult Soft Hair Waterproof Teeth Cleaning Set

$18.99 USD$32.69 USD



• 8-Speed Control :Experience precise brushing control with 8 different speed settings, tailored to your personal needs and oral health requirements.

• 4-Brush Head Set :This set comes with 4 replacement brush heads, ensuring you always have a clean brush ready for use, reducing the frequency of buying new brushes.

• USB Rechargeable :The sonic toothbrush is USB rechargeable, offering you the convenience of charging it anywhere, anytime, whether at home, office, or while travelling.

• Smart Timer Function :The smart timer feature helps you brush for the recommended 2 minutes, preventing overbrushing and promoting effective oral care.

• Soft Hair Waterproof :Designed with a soft hair brush head, it's waterproof, ensuring no damage to your toothbrush even after being submerged in water.

• Adult Soft Hair Brush :Specially designed for adults, the soft hair brush is gentle on gums, providing a comfortable brushing experience.

HIGH VIBRATION - Sonic electric toothbrushes employ strong powered motors to achieve 42,000 strokes per minute. Effectively clean your teeth and gums.

FAST CHARGE & LONG LAST - The charging indicator light flashes to remind the electric toothbrush needs to be charged. Last a total of 30 days of brushing cycle (2 minutes/2 times/day) after only 2-hour fully charged. IPX7 waterproof for easy water rinsing after each use.

8 OPTIONAL MODES - Customized your brushing experience with 8 modes: White mode, Clean mode, Nurse mode, Care mode, Soft mode, Polish mode, Pluse mode, Brightening mode. 8 different modes fit for different conditions of teeth and gums and even take full care of your sensitive oral and teeth.

High Vibration Sonic Electric Toothbrush

- When using electric toothbrush for the first time, because of the high-speed vibration of bristles, some people will have the feeling of irritation or numbness. Please don’t worry, this feeling will gradually weaken after two days, completely disappear within a week.

- If you have allergic oral cavity / have just received oral or periodontal surgery or are undergoing treatment / have other symptoms in the oral cavity (weak dentures), etc. / people with continuous bleeding or massive bleeding in the gums, please do not use electric toothbrush, or consult a dentist before use.

- If the electric toothbrush is not used for a long time, the charging indicator will not show for a short moment when you charge it. Please wait patiently about 6-10 minutes to return to normal.

The package includes

- 1 electric toothbrush body

- 4 soft brush heads

- 1 USB charging cable

- 1 manual in both Chinese and EnglishThe package includes

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