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8PCS Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Thick Wrap Felt Pads Silicone Furniture Leg Covers Black Table Feet Cups to Protect Floors

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Diameter 14-19mm
Side Length 14-19mm
Diameter 19-25mm
Side Length 19-25mm
Diameter 25-30mm
Side Length 28-35mm
Diameter 30-40mm
Side Length 35-45mm
  • Most of chair leg protectors the bottom felt are pretty thin on the market.

  • They either don’t fit right, come off or the felt peals or flattens, or scuff the floor.

  • These new and improved protectors have differences that are immediately noticed:

  • The bottoms are not a cheap felt, but a really sturdy heavy duty felt.

  • They will stay on and the felt covers enough surface area on the bottom of the legs at different angles.

  • It works well even when chair legs not perpendicular to the floor since the bottom is wrapped by felt.

  • Transformed them from dragging, scratching annoyances to smooth sliding delights.

  • Then there’s the TPE that stretches to give a tight fit on the chair legs.

  • They are one solid piece of rubber, with full wrap felt bottom.

  • This TPE is not thin and flimsy, but thick and strong.

  • These are easy to put on, most importantly they will keep STAY ON!

  • They will secure fit on your small round chair legs. Allows chair to slide on hardwood floors without scratches.

  • If your toddler loves to play with the chairs and creates scratches.

  • If you're tired of the scratching sound of your chair.

  • If you're suffering from chair legs scratching the floor.

  • This chair leg protector would be a great choice.


Package Included:

  • 8PCS of Black Chair Leg Protectors



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