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Everythin345Archies™AC220V 230V 5M 600 LED Strip 2835 120LEDs/m Home Lamp Strip Red Ice Blue Green Yellow Pink Flexible And Cuttable Soft Lamp Bar

$25.99 USD$44.39 USD


Not waterproof
Waterproof IP67

Emitting Color:

Ice blue
Golden Yellow



5M 600 LED Strip 2835 AC220V 230V 120LEDs/m Home Lamp Strip Red Ice Blue Green Yellow Pink Flexible And Cuttable Soft Lamp Bar


Product Data:

1. Product Name: 220V LED Strip

2. LED Quantity: 120LEDs/m, 600LEDs/5m/Roll,1200LEDs/10m/Roll.

3. SMD type: SMD2835

4. LED Strip Size:

      Width of LED light strip: 8mm  

      Length of LED light strip: 5 meters , 10 meters or 20 meters

5. Input voltage:  AC 220~230V (No power transformer is required).

6. Light Color:

     3000K - Warm White,

     4000K - Neutral White,

     6500K - White (Or Cold White).

Red, Green, Blue, Ice blue, Golden Yellow, Pink

7. Protection Rate:

   (A and B are available for you to choose from)

    A、 Non-waterproof (IP20).

    B、 Waterproof IP65


8.  Power per meter: 9 Watts / Meter.

9. Cuttable length: 10CM (12LEDs) can be cut

10.  Beam angle: 120°.  

11 Working Temperature: -5° to 50°  

12. There is double-sided tape on the back of the LED light strip, Which is very sticky and can be freely pasted where you want to paste.  

12. The cutting distance of 220V LED strip is 10cm.

13. The LED strip must be connected to the voltage AC220~230V,Otherwise, the light bar will not work properly.

14. Be careful of electric shock! When you connect the light strip to the AC 220-240V and light it up, please be careful not to touch the light strip, and turn off the power before installation.





Below are some pictures of light strips that can be waterproof to IP67.




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