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Everythin345Archies™AC230V 100A LCD Digital Display Power Meter in Energy Meters Smart Electric Meter 3 Phase Kwh Meter Ammeter

$34.99 USD$54.59 USD



DTS024 Only measuring electrical energy



Constant Pulse: 400imp / kWh

Power Consumption: ≤2W, 10VA

Display: LCD 6+2

Size:3.97 X 2.99 X 2.55inch

Accuracy of voltage:Class 1


Install way:Din Rail

MAX Current:100A


Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 50℃



DTS024M Multi functional voltage, current, electrical energy, power factor RS485, etc



It can directly and accurately measure AC active energy with a rated frequency of 50/60Hz. The LCD displays total active/reactive energy, input/output active/reactive energy, three-phase voltage, current, total/phase active power, total/phase power factor: frequency and other information. It has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, and flexible and convenient installation.



1. 35mm DIN standard rail installation, in accordance with DINEN-50022 standard

2. High accuracy measurement of active energy, active energy level 1 and reactive energy level 2, or active energy level 0.5 and reactive energy level 2

3. LCD 5+2 bit display (99999.99kWh), without backlight

4. Passive pulse output, compliant with DIN43864 standard

5. LED indicator pulse output

6. Can quickly query various parameters and wake up the RS485 communication interface with backlight by pressing buttons on site, MODBUS communication protocol

7. Equipped with reactive energy metering, displaying functions such as current, voltage, power factor, etc


Package Included

1 × Multi function watt hour meter

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