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Everythin345Archies™Air Humidifiers With Night Light 2L Double Nozzle Large Capacity LCD Display Ultrasonic Sprayer Humidifier Filter For Home

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2-3 drops of aromatherapy essential oil can be added to disperse the odor in the room, kitchen, toilet and pet toilet (please add water-soluble aromatherapy essential oil, otherwise it will block the cotton swab)

[Humidity display]

The built-in humidity sensor can monitor the humidity of the room in real time. The recommended humidity is between 55%-65%.


1:Power supply: USB (Type-C)

2:Item Type: Double Spray Humidifier

3:Material: ABS/PP

4:Water Tank Capacity: 2000ML

5:Amount of fog: 50-100ml/hour

6:Working time: Double spray for 10 hours/Single spray for 20 hours

7:Package Include:、(1*USB Humidifier ,1*USB Cable ,1*User Manual)

8:The filter cotton swab size is 133mm, diameter is 7.5mm, we recommend replacing it every two months


Before using the humidifier, you need to soak the humidifier cotton swab completely and soak it before using it, otherwise there will be no fog.

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