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Everythin345Archies™American Retro Self Adhesive Wallpaper 3D Non Woven Fabric Rural Flowers Bedroom Living Room Restaurant Wallpapers Self Adhesive

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American Retro Self Adhesive Wallpaper 3D Non Woven Fabric Rural Flowers Bedroom Living Room Restaurant Wallpapers Self Adhesive

Item Description
Wallpaper Style : Self Adhesive Wallpaper ( Adhesive tape on the back, easy and quick )
Material Quality : Non Woven Environmental Protection Materials
Product Size :
2m x 53 cm = Length 2 metres * Width 53 centimeters = Length 6.56ft * Width 1.74ft
3m x 53 cm = Length 3 metres * Width 53 centimeters = Length 9.84ft * Width 1.74ft
5m x 53 cm = Length 5 metres * Width 53 centimeters = Length 16.4ft * Width 1.74ft

Usage Method:This product is self-adhesive product, with adhesive on the back directly. It can be pasted just like instant post. It doesn't need to brush glue. After tearing off the base paper, it can be pasted on the smooth surface without dust, such as blank room.

Taste: Wallpaper itself has no taste. The taste is mainly the glue on the back. The adhesive products have a little taste. We use environmental friendly glue. We only need to paste the whole room under normal conditions and ventilate for 3-7 days is ok.

Color: All the products in our shop are shot in kind. The color is checked by professional, and it is close to the actual tile. Because of the difference of color contrast and color temperature of computer display, etc. In addition, since color film is printed matter, it is not always possible to have color difference in the same batch of production. It is suggested that the same project should be purchased in sufficient quantity at one time. This problem is not regarded as a quality problem. Please know.

1. Wallpaper is self-adhesive, you not need to buy your own glue to bond! In addition, after the production of wallpaper, plastic packaging is carried out, there are some ink smells that are not emitted, which may lead to a slight smell for customers who are very sensitive to the smell after unpacking. This is a normal situation. After unpacking and pasting, the smell will gradually disappear after ventilation. We use environmentally friendly adhesive, water-based ink, etc. our products are in line with the national standards for interior decoration materials, please rest assured that the use.
2. Wallpaper you will receive may have some wrinkles on it or both ends, but it do not effect looking after gluing on the wall
3. For more than one order, The goods will rolled to one roll for delivery.
4.There are slight differences in the color of wallpapers produced in batches on different dates. It is recommended that you purchase a sufficient quantity of wallpapers at once to avoid insufficient quantity and possible color differences in the products;If you don't know how many meters of wallpaper you need, please carefully read our product instructions, which have calculation methods. You can also contact our store customer service, and we can help you calculate the number of meters you need wallpaper based on the wall size you provide
5. The unit of wallpaper is meter, not roll;Tolerance 0~2cm due to manual cutting.

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