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Everythin345Archies™Automatic Pet Smart Timing Feeder Dog Cat Bowl Feeding Supplies Cats Food Dry and Wet Dispenser Pets Feeders Bowls Accessories

$53.99 USD$111.99 USD



Automatic Pet Smart Timing Feeder Dog Cat Bowl Feeding Supplies Cats Food Dry and Wet Dispenser Pets Feeders Bowls Accessories

Single Food Dispenser:

Product material: ABS
Product net/gross weight: 408g
Color: Pink, gray
Capacity: 350ml

Double Food Dispenser:

Product material: ABS
Product net/gross weight: 770g
Color: Pink, gray
Capacity: 350ml*2


1. Selected Material: Constructed from durable and safe ABS, dog feeder is hard, reliable, wear-resistant, safe for children and pets, and not easy to damage.
2. Regular quantitative feeding: short-distance travel do not worry, free customization and matching to achieve healthy feeding, you are not at home, pets should also eat well, regular quantitative meals to solve feeding problems
3. Keep Food Fresh: The bottom of the automatic pet feeders can be used to hold ice packs, allowing your pet to enjoy fresh food. Prevent food from spoiling in the heat.
4. Easy to Wash: Pet food dispenser will be dirty after use, but just use soap and water to wash and then they will be cleaned again. It is easy to continue to use.
5. Widespread Application: Automatic cat feeders for small or medium pets, dogs, and rabbits and be used in dogs' beds, crates, kennels, living rooms, and floors.
6. Light and easy to carry: can be used in any venue, and you can take cute pets to picnics outside or anywhere
7. Rotating snap closure to firmly prevent stealing: rotating snap closure is firm to prevent stealing, and pets cannot be opened by mistake
8. Dry and wet feeding to promote nutritional balance: dry pet food can be placed in 700ML large capacity, set to provide small and medium-sized pets to eat 2 meals

Product List:

Automatic Pet Feeder *1
Instruction Manual *1

(not included battery)

Wet and dry automatic feeder

Six major upgrades

Wet and dry
Sealed preservation
Quick dismantling
Ultra long
ABS material

Timing open Meal

Food preservation for 24 hours

8h 0 ℃ preservation
12h Low temperature preservation

Both dry and wet grains can be used

Separated design

The whole body can be disassembled and washed

Alarm clock timing principle, long battery life

Suitable for small or medium pets

(For example Cats, dogs, and rabbits)

Rotate the buckle cover to prevent stealing

High impact resista nee and heat resistance of ABS raw materials
Anti slip foot pad design, not easy to shift, not damaging the floor tiles
No need to plug in, not limited by power supply

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