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Everythin345Archies™Battery Spot Welding Pen Handheld Copper Belt 3mm Core DIY Point Touch Pen Spot Welding Accessories

$16.99 USD$28.79 USD



DIY spot welding pen installation reference.

Spot welding needle is manually processed, the length will be about 8mm error, the core diameter is about 2.3-2.4mm error, please pay attention to the purchase of friends about the size of the problem Thank you.

Copper tube inner diameter 8mm maximum cable gauge: 4awg (about 7.5MM)

Wiring requires a little skill, when you need to connect just 7.5mm cable need to smooth out the line and then twist into a stream slowly into the copper tube (can be reserved for 10-15mm)

Spot welding copper core can be installed a 100mm complete refill cut into 2 sections to use, the tip is threaded tightening fixed type.


The spot welding pen can fit a 100-length welding needle. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use hydraulic pliers for tightening. Only in this way can the cable and the pen body be in full and firm contact, so as to avoid weak contact and affect the welding effect. Hydraulic fixing is not comparable to screw fixing.

The spot welding pen is comparable to red copper and not brass. The electrification rate is 3-5 times that of brass, and the heat generation is very small under high current.

All joints are hydraulically tightened, as a large current passes through, hydraulic tightening is the best, safe and reliable.


Package Included:1set



1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3mm.

2. As different computers display different colors, thank you for your understanding, the actual product color may be slightly different from the image.


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