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Everythin345Archies™Cat Dog Grooming Comb Set 8 in 1 Pet Cleaning Brush Tool Kit Storage Bag Dog Nail Clipper Flea Comb Cat Hair Removal Brush Kit

$39.99 USD$80.79 USD


Material: plastic + silicone + stainless steel
Bowl diameter: 11 .6cm/4.57"
Comb: 17.5cm/6.89"*8.2cm/3.23"
Bath brush: 12.4cm/4.88"*9.5cm/3.74"
File: 16.3cm/6.42"*2.7cm/1.06"
Toothbrush: 16.9cm/6.65"*3.1cm/1.22"
Nail clippers: 15.7cm/6.18"*5cm/1.97"
Knotting comb: 17.3cm/6.81"*6.6cm/2.6"
Hair Scissors: 14.3cm/5.63"*7cm/2.76"

1. It integrates a variety of functions, haircut and haircut, manicure, bath and beauty, multiple sets of life sets, and is more cost-effective
2. Crescent shaped nail clippers, fitting the shape of the nails, and metal nail clippers for quick trimming without splitting or splitting
3. The nail is rounded and trimmed with a file, and the nail surface is rough after the nail clipper is trimmed, and the file can be used to polish it smooth
4. Pet double-sided two-way knotting comb, open knots to remove floating hair, create a fluffy shape, encounter difficult hair knots, quickly cut knotted hair, safe and do not hurt pet skin
5. 135 degree metal curved needle, easy to open hair knots, fluffy hair, take away floating hair, neatly arranged curved needles are not easy to damage the skin
6. Bath TPR massage brush, bath massage, comb hair and remove floating hair and massage skin when bathing
7. Two-sided toothbrush head, soft bristles are not easy to hurt the gums, and the head is designed to clean teeth more cleanly 8. Foldable dog bowl, easy to carry when traveling, and takes up less space

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