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Everythin345Archies™Clam Pliers for Restaurant & Home Durable Seashell Clam Shell Opener Clam Opening Pliers Shell Seafood Shelling Tools

$18.99 USD$32.69 USD




  • URABILITY: The tool-opening knife shucker is built to last, using high-quality materials that can handle the demands of home and restaurant use. It will last for a long time because of its sturdy build.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A more comfortable grip and less hand strain from extended use are both benefits of the blood clam pliers' ergonomic design. Anyone from amateur cooks to seasoned chefs will appreciate its intuitive layout.

  • EASY TO USE: Preparing shellfish has never been easier, thanks to the tightly gripped handle and controlled opening mechanism.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning the clam opener is a breeze after you've enjoyed your seafood feast. To keep it clean and ready for use again, its smooth surfaces and minimalist design make washing a breeze.

  • VERSATILE: The multipurpose bottle opener is an essential tool because it works great for more than just clams. It is the only implement you will need for cracking bottles or blood clams.

  • Material: ABS+stainless steel

  • Color: red, green

  • Weight: 50g / 0.11lb

  • Size


  • 1 × Clam Pliers for Restaurant & Home


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