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Everythin345Archies™Creative Shiba Inu Realistic Egg Shape PVC Desk Decor Dog & Egg Union Decorations For Home Offices Fun Christmas Gifts

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Bullet Points:

1.Eye-catching: This Shiba Inu dog eggs ornament is the perfect combination of a Shiba Inu head and an egg body. It has a funny expression that is full of cuteness and will make you smile every time you see it.

2.Stress Relief: These Shiba Inu dog eggs ornaments are soft and squishy, perfect for pinching and squeezing. They can help you relieve the pressure of work and study, and make you feel happy.

3.Lifelike Shiba Inu: These dog eggs ornaments are hand polished with bright colors and exquisite workmanship. They have lively expressions and realistic details that capture the charm of the Shiba Inu breed.

4.Healthy Material: Made of strong and sturdy PVC material, this Shiba Inu Dog Eggs Ornament is environmental health, not easily deformed, safe and harmless. It can last for a long time and bring you joy.

5.Surprise your loved ones: This Shiba Inu Dog Eggs Ornament is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it's a festival, anniversary, birthday, or just a daily surprise.

Meet the adorable Egg Shiba Inu Ornament, a perfect combination of a Shiba Inu head and an egg body! With its exquisite workmanship, it will make you feel happy every time you see it. Not easily deformed, it's perfect for daily surprises and will bring joy to any space.

Product name: Egg Shiba Inu

Material: PVC

Features: Funny and cute

Usage: desktop decoration


Shiba Inu Dog Eggs Ornament x1

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