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Everythin345Archies™Dental Aluminum Oxide Micro Blaster with Water Microetcher Sandblasting Alumina Gun Air Abrasion Polisher Dentistry Tools

$57.99 USD$96.19 USD



1.Easy to use, quick and light in appearance
2.This product can link with global 4 or 6 hole teeth chair.
3.Product use for:to increase viscosity of the touch surface , roughening
the surface of compound material metal ,porcelain crow,fiber post,inlay surface.

1.Link way:4 or 6 hole teeth chair general autoclavable.
2.Opertion air pressure:0.3Mpa-0.4Mpa
3.Sand amount:1.5g/min-3.59g/min
4.Blasting hole:Φ0.5mm
5.Blasting head can rotate to 360°

Plug your Kavo quick coupling directly to this unit, the installation is finished.
caution: You must check if there is remaining water in the handpiece cable before installation.
If there is, you must dry it
firstly, then install it.
Recommended powder
We recommend a particle size of 30 to 50 μm high purity powder (99%+).
It's easy for the powder to absorb moisture from the air , It would cause agglomeration,
resulting in performance
degradation. After install the powder, you should closed the cover of the bottle immediately
to make sure its tight cover.
The dry powder should flow freely, the wet powder does not flow easily or lumps.
Extraoral application
For surface cleaning and micro-roughening treatment before pasting
Fiber post
maryland bridge
Orthodontic bracket
removing the cement in the original adhesive layer before second pasting
Cast metal prosthesis defect detection
Application in oral
In the repair treatment, micro roughen surface of porcelain or composite.

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