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Everythin345Archies™Dental Ultra-Thin Whitening Veneers Resin Porcelain Materials Temporary Teeth Upper Anterior Whitening Veneers Oral Care Tool

$3.99 USD$9.09 USD56% off

1 Used for whitening teeth, filling and repairing missing, gaps or broken teeth. It is very suitable for immediate and temporary use. It can also help you smile and make your teeth look natural and perfect2 Tooth veneers are made of natural tooth color, suitable for most people, so they look like your natural teeth when worn, so there is no need to feel embarrassed.3 The items are made of high-quality and completely safe materials. You can use it with confidence.4 Protect the gums from collapsing. Prevent dental pulp from being physically or chemically stimulated after porcelain teeth or golden teeth.5. Help to repair teeth temporarily and keep the oral cavity clean and healthy. Realistic shapes and colors can beautify your teeth.
Material: porcelain crown
Used for: dental treatment
Color: natural tooth color
Quantity: 1 bag (about 70PCS)

1. Maintain oral hygiene and pay attention when brushing your teeth.
2. Please do not eat hard or sticky food with crowns. 

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