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Everythin345Archies™Dental X Ray Film Positioning System Kit Professional Intra Oral Portable X Ray Film Positioner Holder Dentist Positioning Tool

$14.99 USD$16.89 USD




1. Improve Photography Quality: Effectively avoid the disproportionality between the dental film and the real tooth and inaccurate exposure when taking pictures.
2. Avoid Patient Discomfort: X ray film positioner can avoid the patient's disgust, nausea and uncooperativeness for dentist reaching hand directly into the mouth to hold the tooth X ray film.
3. Dental Film Photography Positioning: Dental X ray film positioner is used to assist the positioning of dental film photography, suitable for the positioning of upper and lower post molar films.
4. Easy To Clean: Support high temperature and high pressure cleaning. Important and practical tool for dentist, suitable for dental hospitals and clinics.
5. Stainless Steel And Plastic: X ray film positioning system kit adopts stainless steel and plastic material, safe, firm and stable, wear resistant, durable for use.



Item Type: Dental X Ray Film Positioner
Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
Uses: Used for auxiliary positioning when filming dental film, suitable for positioning auxiliary for taking pictures of upper and lower back molar


Package List:

1 x Bite Block

1 x Indicator Arm

1 x Aiming



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