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Everythin345Archies™Dimmable USB 5V COB LED Light Strip Penetrate Partition Touch Sensor Switch Dimmer DIY Kitchen Cabinet Bathroom Mirror Lighting

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Emitting Color:



• Energy Efficient :With a power consumption of only 2.88W/m, this LED light strip is an energy-efficient solution for your lighting needs.


• Versatile Application :Perfect for DIY kitchen cabinet, bathroom mirror lighting, it offers a versatile application across various spaces.


• Touch Sensor Switch :Equipped with a touch sensor switch, it allows for easy control and operation, providing convenience and efficiency.


• Certified Safe :Boasting ROHS certification, it ensures safety and environmental friendliness, putting your mind at ease.


• Dimmable Feature :The dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preference, offering flexibility and comfort.



Type: USB COB LED Strip Lights

Input Voltage:DC5V(USB Powered)

Light Color:Warm White/White

Color temperature: Warm White(3000K), Cool White(6500K)

LED type: COB


Length: 1M/3M/5M

Switch Type:Hand Sweep and Stepless Touch Dimmer Switch (DON'T OPEN HOLE).

Penetrating Wood Detection Range:<=25MM



1.The Smart touch dimmer control sensor switch is used behind wood board (like kitchen cabinet ,wardrobe, closet..) or glass mirror. It can work on dc 5V led light, And it more flexible to stick anywhere you like,simple and easy to instation. DON'T NEED OPEN HOLE!!!

2.The touch sensor can sense the medium materials: wood plate, rock plate, stone, paper, acrylic, plastic, glass, and other non-metallic conductor materials

3.Touch distance: The different thickness sensitive is different, the thinner the better Please don't close to metal materials to avoid interference


Package Included:

1.COB LED Strip Light

2.Touch Sensor dimmer swtich



Please don't close to metal materials to avoid interference

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