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Dog Toy Ball Indestructible Bite-Resistant Elastic Ball Pet Dog Interactive Training To Relieve Boredom Molar Solid Rubber Ball

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Diameter 5CM
Diameter 6CM
Diameter 7CM



Safe, non-toxic, super toughness.

Daily interactive toy for dog, pretty and resistant to the bite, your pets will love it.

Toys that dogs like very much can eliminate the anxiety caused by being unable to accompany the dog all the time, and playing with the dog can also increase the relationship with the dog and make it happier.Consuming its energy in toys, of course, will reduce its interest in furniture, and it can make it enjoyable by itself!

Material: Rubber

Color: red blue pink

Feature:won’t broken when dog bites or Scissors cut, accompany pets for a long time.


The 5cm diameter ball is suitable for small dogs weighing up to about1.5- 3.5kg(Pet balls weigh about 70 grams.)

The 6cm diameter ball is suitable for dogs weighing up to about 3-5.5kg(Pet balls weigh about 120 grams.)

The 7cm diameter ball is suitable for  dogs weighing up to about 5-24.5kg(Pet balls weigh about 200 grams.)

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