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Everythin345Archies™Dogs Double Bowls with Stand Adjustable Height Pet Feeding Dish Bowl Stainless Steel Double Bowl Dog Bowl Feeder

$64.99 USD$135.39 USD


Bullet Points:
1. [ Products of Fine Quality ] Made of good quality ABS+ stainless steel, Elevated Dog Bowls are not easy to damage, more suitable for pets, super thick, removable and washable.
2. [ Multiple Functions ] Can meet the daily food and drinking needs of pets, Stainless Steel Dog Bowls are providing a comfortable height to access to food and water, helps promote healthy digestion and protects your dog's spine.
3.[ Easily Use ] Adjust the lift button, Raised Dog Bowl's legs can be folded and placed under the feeding platform without compromising storage, and 5 heights can be adjusted.
4. [ With Rubber Pad ] With rubber non-slip pads on the ends of the legs, Dog Food Bowls Elevated are protecting against spills while drinking, prevents dog bowl holder from moving while eating.
5. [ Widely Applicable ] Dog Bowl with Stand is adjustable design that grows with your dog, suitable for puppies to senior dogs, great for dogs with limited mobility.
The Dog Bowl Set comes with two bowls and a bowl rack for easy access. It can hold food and water at the same time, and the height is adjustable, whether it is for dogs or cats, it is very suitable.

1. Large mouth design.
2. Height adjustable.
3. Easy to clean.
4. With non-slip rubber pad.

Product size: about 44*27.9*29cm/17.32*10.98*11.42in
Material: ABS+stainless steel
Net weight: about 1261g

Packing List:
1*Lifting Adjustable Pet Bowl Set

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