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Everythin345Archies™DS-IV Healthy Terahertz Physiotherapy Blower Weight loss Beauty Electric Heating Healing Massager Terahertz Therapy Wave Device

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Standard Voltage:

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Before using the machine, you can first drink a glass of water to promote the body's metabolism
Product Name: Terahertz Therapy Wave Deivce
Product model: DS - IV
Rated voltage: 220V/110V
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Rated power: 650W
Product size: III, total length 353mm
IV Total length 278mm
Net weight of product: 1KG
Product gross weight: 2.5KG
Packaging size: 41.5 * 22 * 12
Body material: ABS+PC
Packaging style: aluminum alloy box
Model selection: DS - IV
Color selection: gray
Terahertz physical therapy instrument
Technology: terahertz wave technology
Function: The body regulates the micro ecology.
Core technologies: quantum technology, terahertz technology, and multiple filtering systems.
Principle and characteristics: Penetrate normal tissues to reach painless and comfortable areas. Abnormal cells can absorb excessive energy and heat up, accelerating metabolic destruction. At the same time, they activate inert cells and enhance the body's self-healing ability.
Effect: Reduce swelling, detoxify, nourish, rejuvenate the skin, dispel cold and dampness, improve the nervous system, repair and protect cells, and treat diseases such as phlegm and turbidity
Suitable for: Sub healthy, painful, middle-aged, elderly, and humid populations, high permeability active terahertz energy light waves can penetrate the human body 20-30cm (manual massage can penetrate 2-3cm, general instruments can penetrate 6-7cm), quickly unblock meridians and lymph nodes, improve microcirculation, drive away cold and dampness, and soften nodes. Quick effect for 3 minutes to relieve itching, 10 minutes to relieve pain, 20 minutes to unblock meridians, high temperature to kill abnormal cells, repair damaged cells, clear blockages, intelligent recognition and infiltration into normal tissues, reach uncomfortable areas, activate inert cells, and the human body's self-healing ability. Quantum sprouting has been developed on the basis of quantum mechanics under the influence and penetration of modern science, especially modern physics and modern biomedical science. It utilizes electronic fluctuations, radiation, and energy in microscopic states to comprehensively, systematically, and comprehensively develop the prevention, regulation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, anti-aging, and detoxification of the patient's body. Quantum is a hot sphere, and the transfer of energy is discontinuous. The more quantum an object receives, the higher the temperature.
Anion purification of air ecology, negative ion enhancement of immunity, elimination of static electricity, elimination of odor, antibacterial activity, cell oxidation, anti-aging, decomposition of smoke, removal of odor and formaldehyde, improvement of sleep, promotion of blood circulation, purification of blood, alleviation of respiratory diseases, elimination of fatigue, improvement of myocardial function, promotion of metabolism, disinfection and sterilization, improvement of lung function, enhancement of resistance to diseases


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