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Everythin345Archies™EELHOE Foot Care Socks Therapy Health Care Warm 10832050

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* Recommended Design: The Plantar Fasciitis Sock and ankle compression sleeve are short compression socks that help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and assist the healing process. Not only do they provide Plantar Fasciitis Support but they also help with other foot disorders such as Edema, Achilles Heel, & Ankle Spurs.
* Fast Recovery: Plantar Fasciitis Socks provide relief for foot pain and are also used to assist in recovery. Unlike bulky - Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints, Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Braces, Plantar Fasciitis Braces, or a Boot for Plantar Fasciitis, these Plantar Fasciitis Foot Compression Sleeves increase circulation which distributes blood & oxygen to the injured area to promote healing.
* Easy Fit and Comfortable to Wear: They fit easily and comfortable to wear all day or night.hey can be worn by both Men or Women & fit comfortably under your socks. Our Fasciitis Socks can fit easily in any shoe including Running or Yoga shoes.They are machine washable and dryer safe. Our fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and won't trap odors.
* Perfect for Any Feet: The foot support sleeves are designed for anyone, whether you just want to relax at home or you are always on the move. They can be used by teachers, sales clerks, travelers and nurses. They come with anti-odor fabric which stops the growth of bacteria and fungi. The plantar fasciitis sleeves can be worn with socks, shoes, slippers, boots and insoles. It is possible to wear the plantar fasciitis socks under socks and stockings.
* No Worries Before and After Sales: Customer Satisfactions is highly important and our primary focus, so simply notify us if you have any questions.

Condition: 100% Brand New High Quality
Material: Cotton and Nylon
Weight: 30g / 1 Pair
Effect: Corrective Repair
Massage Socks: Health Care Socks
Suitable Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Applicable Gender: Unisex / Male or Female

1. Made of high-quality polyester cotton with the characteristics of soft and comfortable, has a long life.
2. Relieve leg fatigue, pain, regulate the nervous system, remove moisture and stop odor remove swelling of the legs and feet peeling of the skin, produce a static foot massage, regulate blood flow.
3. The perfect tool for legs with varicose veins, as well as in renal failure.
4. Good therapy for the ankles and feet when frostbite.
5. To stimulate acupuncture points. Daily use any time of day. Wash under running warm water without detergents.
6. Great for outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey, and other sports

1 pair of Foot Care Socks

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