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Everythin345Archies™Electric Eye Massager Mask Migraine Eye Vision Improvement Forehead Eye Care Glasses Massage Wireless Vibration Eye Magneti

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Massage Glasses Eye Massager Eye Massager Eye Protection Device Eye Nanny Eye Protection Device


1.22 neodymium magnets form a blood circulation magnetic field, eliminate eye fatigue, promote blood circulation, fully relax brain nerves, and improve poor sleep and insomnia
2. Nine cyclic massage methods can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, and eliminate the symptoms of soreness, pain, interference, photophobia and blurred vision caused by excessive eye use
3. Computer IC program control, adding unlimited joy, technology, health and comfort to your life, is the health guard by your side
4. The body is small and easy to carry

Operation method

1. Turn on the power and press the power button to enter the automatic cycle mode, and switch automatically according to the sequence of 9 programs
2. Press the function key to automatically switch to the next program
3. Press the time button, you can choose 3 minutes or 5 minutes time timing

Nine programs:

1. Automatic transmission mode can switch the following 2-8 modes repeatedly within 15 seconds
2. Strong trembling
3. Slightly stronger mid-range chatter
4. Weak gears have low vibration intensity 5. Gentle, there will be wavy vibrations every 1.
5 seconds, strong and weak fluctuations can be alternated
6. Comfort: There will be wavy vibrations every second
7. Strong pound every 0.5 seconds 8. Middle beat every 0.25 seconds 9. Quickly beat every 0.2 seconds


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