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Everythin345Archies™Fiberglass Silicone Baking Mat Large Kneading Pad Nonstick Surface Rolling Dough with Scale for Kitchen Cooking Bakeware Tools

$5.99 USD$10.39 USD42% off



- Convenient for you to roll dough, pastry and cut apart cakes
- Multi functional fibre glass silicone mat, essential tool for making cookie, muffin, pastry etc
- Reusable, non-stick, non-toxic and high temperature resistance
- Suit for oven, microwave, dining table
- Easy to use and clean
- Product Heat Resistance: -40°~230°

- Material: Food Grade Silicone

- BPA Free green and healthy Environmentally friendly, will not produce peculiar smell and harmful substances

Package Includes
- 1 x Baking Mat

铂金硅胶垫 玻璃纤维垫 硅胶揉面垫 加厚 大号 烘焙垫 带刻度 不粘锅 和 面垫 烹饪垫

铂金硅胶垫 玻璃纤维垫 硅胶揉面垫 加厚 大号 烘焙垫 带刻度 不粘锅 和面垫 烹饪

铂金硅胶垫 玻璃纤维垫

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