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Everythin345Archies™Fish Bone Tweezers Stainless Steel Chicken Feather Seafood Salmon Bone Clip Kitchen Tools Plucking Clamp Puller Tweezer for Fish

$11.99 USD$19.69 USD



Name: stainless steel Fish Bone Tweezers
Material: stainless steel
Size: shown on picture
Color: Sliver

✱ 1. REMOVE BONES & SCALES-Fish is so delicious and offers a variety of health benefits, but to most people picking out the bones and scales can be difficult. This fish bone tweezers help you remover them easily and quickly.
✱ 2. HIGH QUALITY-Made of high-quality stainless steel, sturdy, strong and durable for lifetime using.
✱ 3. NICE DESIGN-This design is ergonomic which is not too big or too small and fit for your hand.
✱ 4. PRECISION NON-SLIP GRIP-The flat and slant tweezers design is easier to get close to the surface of the object, sharp, practical and convenient and no damage to the surrounding flesh.
✱ 5. DISHWASHER SAFE-They're completely dishwasher safe (take up little space)and easy to clean.

Package Includes:
1/2/3 x Fish bone and chicken feather remover

1. Due to differences in resolution devices, there may be some differences in image colors. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow for an error of 1-2cm. Please check the size before placing an order and wish you the right product
3. After washing the product, air dry it. After cleaning with detergent, do not soak it in sewage for a long time to avoid metal materials in the item reacting with air moisture and rusting
4. If you have any questions before purchasing or after receiving the product, you can contact our customer service through the customer service center, and we will quickly solve them for you. Wishing you a happy life

Made of high quality stainless steel for greater peace of mind!
①One-piece molding
②Thicker material
③Tough and durable

Suitable for some edges and corners,more suitable for the surface.
Oblique edge fitting design allows for easy clamping of fish bones or chicken feathers at the edges and corners

The material itself has high toughness and strength,and is durable and resilient.

Micrometer anastomosis
TIGHTLY SEAMED:Easier and more accurate clamping of fine hairs



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