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Everythin345Archies™Foot Roller Massage For Relief Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Foot Arch Pain Reflexology Massager For Back Leg Hand Muscle Relax Hot

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This massage roller is quick & easy for you to use. Targeted deep-tissue massage for plantar fasciitis.Simply rolling your feet on this foot massage to treat muscle spasms, release tight and knotted muscles and relieve pain and pressure caused by excessive standing or walking.


Feature 1:Pain relive - Help immensely to stretch out your arch and work out your foot pain,improves circulation and eases pain points, relieve the plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness and foot pain.
Feature 2:Ergonomic design,Massage roller with 200 floating point, stimulate your feet with acupressure buttons,increase blood circulation, stimulate the nerves of the feet,and eliminate muscle fatigue.
Feature 3:High quality,Made of elastomer TPR, high strength PVC, will not cause hurt or tickle feeling, internal ideal steel bearing, durable and sturdy.
Feature 4:Multipurpose use,Ideal tool to relieve all sorts of muscle pain,not limit to foot,it suitable for legs,hands, wrists,shoulder and neck.


Roller Product size: 12x7x7cm
Material: ABS
Color: Blue/Green/orange/purple

Package Includes:

1 x Foot Hand Massage Roller


Convenience to message by yourself at any time to relief fatigue

Can massage your foot to relaxes the muscles and inprove blood circulation.

Relax tensed muscles after exercise.

Can massage obese part.Strengthen metabolism.Eliminate moisture and fat.


Brand new

Material: PVC

Diameter: 11*5cm

Color: Random colours

Package include: 1x fitness ball

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