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Everythin345Archies™Girls Cute Door Sticker Poster Home Art Decorative Wallpaper Vinyl Waterproof Modern Removable Umbrella Beauty Murals

$39.99 USD$71.69 USD


Sticker Size:


Packing List:

40x120cm:Set Door Decal includes 1 pcs size 40x120cm/15.7x47.2", Finish on wall size:40x120cm/15.7x47.2".
77x200cm:Set Door Decal includes 2 half pcs size 38.5x200cm/15.2x78.7", Finish on wall size:77x200cm/30.3x78.7".
90x200cm:Set Door Decal includes 2 half pcs size 45x200cm/17.7x78.7", Finish on wall size:90x200cm/35.4x78.7".
85x215cm:Set Door Decal includes 2 half pcs size 42.5x215cm/16.7x84.6", Finish on wall size:85x215cm/33.4x84.6".
95x215cm:Set Door Decal includes 2 half pcs size 47.5x215cm/18.7x84.6", Finish on wall size:95x215cm/37.4x84.6".

Note: Please confirm the measurements before you place order.

WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Made of eco-friendly PVC. It is removable, durable,, pressure resistant, easy to clean and no residue. Any dirt such as water drop, oil can be cleaned up by soft cloth.

EASY DIY DOOR POSTER: User-friendly and no special prowess required, Enjoy your family time with home improvement. Save your money and time.

3D STEREO EFFECT: Three-dimensional Effect technology creates Lifelike murals! It's fun to make realistic landscape effects on the wall. The 3D door poster suits all type of wall/door colors.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: This 3d door sticker Can be used for refrigerator bedroom, living room, door, wall, kitchen, bathroom, home etc every door and every wall in your house and decorate your wall, Renew your house with a refreshing jungle/Modern Scenery.


Reference Pattern: ↓↓


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