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Everythin345Archies™GPS Wireless Dog Fence Outdoor Help Training Behavior Aids Pet Fencing Device Dog Bark Collar Electric Shock 100~3280 Ft Range

$90.99 USD$191.29 USD


How it works

Adjustable control distance radius rangeinimum a 30 meters Maximum:-1000 meters

Newest GPS dog fence

GPS dog fence will customize a cordless radial shaped boundary from 15 to 999 yards in radius

Adjustable collar belt for all size of dogs (9-27inches)

** Reflective fluorescent fabric collar improve safety at night

** IP65 Water resistance, which is convenient for your pet to play in rainy and snowy days

Harmless & Safety

How can you better use the product by knowing its feature:

** Newly updated magnetic charging cable
** Newly updated the silicone cap, to minimizing the stimulation of the low voltage shock to your dog

Easy to setup

** Long press the power button: Power on or power off the fence system, it will search GPS automatically once it be power on

** Long press M button, set up the safe radius distance

**Press +/- button to increase and decrease the safe zone distance; The default distance is 03 level(30 meters)

** Short press M button, set beep, vibration & shock strategy (0-9 levels for vibration and shock)
** Press "+" and "-" at the same time to unlock the screen

How to use (Please test the GPS collar first before use)

1. Install the contact probes
2. Tighten the probes with the test light
3. Install the conductive silicone cap to protect dog
4. Test Shock Function (Put the test light on the metal probes, go beyone the setting range, the light goes on when shock)

Upgraded GPS wireless fence for Dog

Suitable for large and medium dogs
1. Dual frequency positioning
2. Intelligent charging
3. Conductive silicone protective sleeve
4. Three modes
5. Longest radius: 1000feet
6. Wrong touch of lock
7. Precise location
8. Beidou receiving chip

Are you suffering from some troubles as a dog owner?

1. Walk the dog and bark at others
2. Call the host
3. The call at night affects sleep
4. Call when entering the cage
5. Running
6. No one at home calls

The radius of the electronic fence is 1000m.

There is no need to switch the three modes of one key operation.

1. Sound mode: It can emit beep sound.
2. Vibration mode: 9 gears adjust the vibration intensity.
3. Click mode: 9 gears adjust the click intensity.

It can be used for one week after charging for two hours

The built-in 400MAH lithium battery can effectively guarantee the lasting endurance.

Definition Details

1. Power switch
2. Mode key
3. Minus key
4. Add key
5. Display
6. GPS signal
7. Sound
8. Vibration
9. Click
10. Mistake prevention lock
11. Battery capacity
12. Electric shock column
13. Magnetic charging interface

Packaging Details

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