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Hair Dryer with Diffuser Blow Dryer Comb Brush 1800W Ionic Hair Dryers with DiffuserConstant Temperature Hair Care Without Dama

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• 1800W Max Power :Dry your hair quickly and efficiently with a maximum power of 1800W.


• Ionic Hair Dryers :The ionic feature of this hair dryer ensures that your hair is dried without causing any damage.


• Diffuser Blow Dryer Comb Brush :The diffuser blow dryer comb brush ensures that your hair is dried evenly and thoroughly.


• Unfoldable Handle :The unfoldable handle makes it easy to store and transport your hair dryer.


WARNING:Do not use the air inlet to suck your hair backwards to avoid danger!

Lt is forbidden to use it in the bathroom where there is water,to avoid short circuit caused by water entering the hair dryer, which may cause danger.

Unplug the power cord when not in use


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