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Everythin345Archies™Handheld Microscope Kit Lab LED Light 60X to 120X Home School Biological Science Educational Toys For Children Birthday Gift

$7.99 USD

Children's handheld high-definition microscope with 180x magnification, 1 thick and 1 thin quasi focal spiral four specimen

Exercise observation and exploration skills, cultivate children's hands-on ability, satisfy their curiosity about the world, and manually adjust the size and clarity of the microscope with coarse/fine focus spiral adjustment

How to operate: Place the specimen on the base and take out the insulation sheet. Turn on the LED light and rotate the coarse/fine focus spiral to adjust until the cells are clearly visible

Multiple conversion amplification up to 60-180 times through the microscope, expanding the field of view LED light source illuminates the microscopic world with built-in LED light source, soft light microscope under the microscopic world optical wide-angle lens, clear observation

Four different types of specimen products will be shipped with four specimens, while others need to be purchased separately. Insects, vegetables, and plant wool categories are also available

Lightweight, portable, and can fit into a pocket, suitable for children aged 6 and above to use


1. The high-definition eyepiece can be manually adjusted for focal length

2. The battery compartment comes with two "AG13" button batteries

3. Push the battery compartment away from the power switch and turn on the power switch

4.04 Paired with four specimen patterns for fixation, other specimens need to be purchased separately

How to install:


1. The dimensions are measured by hand and may have some deviation, but it does not affect the use. Please carefully read the product dimensions on the details page before purchasing. Thank you. 2. Due to differences in ambient lighting and display device settings, there may be some deviation between the images you see and the items themselves. Please understand.


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