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HTRC 30A/20A Battery Charger 6V/12V/24V Automatic Charger for Lithium AGM GEL Lead-Acid LiFePO4 Batteries Car Motorcycle Charger

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Socket Standard:

There are two choose : 20A or 30A , (The actual goods are subject to your choice)!!
Product Description:
1. Efficient charging: The smart charger uses high-frequency charging technology,which
can greatly shorten the charging time, improve the charging efficiency, and effectively
avoid the problems of battery damage and shortened life caused by overcharging and
too long charging time.
2. Intelligent control: The charger has intelligent control function, which can automatically
identify the type and status of the battery, charge according to the batterycondition,
avoid overcharge and undercharge, protect the battery and extend the battery life.
3. Multiple protection: The smart pulse charger has multiple protection functions,
including overcharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection,reverse
connection protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the charging process.
4. Portable design: The charger adopts portable design, easy to carry, suitable
forvarious occasions Charging requirements
Charging Process :
1. Plug the smart charger into a power outlet.
2. Press the Mode selection button on the charger.
3. Connect the output end of the charger to the positive and negative terminals of the
battery to start charging. During the charging process, the charger will automatically
identify the battery type and status for intelligent control charging.
4. After charging is completed, the charger will automatically stop charging, and the
connection between the charger output and the battery can be unplugged.
P30 30A Charger Feature:
AC Input Voltage :100-240V~50/60Hz
Input Power with Load : Max 420W
Output Voltage : 6V/12V/24V
Output Current : 6V Max 10A /12V Max 30A/24V Max 16A
Battery Type :Lithium,LiFePO4,Lead-acid[AGM,GEL,SLA,Flooded,
1: Battery voltage indicator during charging
2: Winter mode indicator (light up according to external temperature)
is below 10 degrees Celsius
3:Summer mode indicator (which lights up according to the outside
temperature) is higher than 28 degrees Celsius
4: Low current charging mode (6V 2A, 12V 3A, 24V 5A)
5: Medium current charging mode (6V 5A, 12V 15A, 24V 10A)
6: High current charging mode (6V 10A, 12V 30A, 24V 16A)
7: Repair mode
8: Charging saturation state
9: Mode selection button
P20 pro 20A Charger Feature:

AC input: 100-240 V 50/60Hz

Output voltage :12 V / 24 V

Output current :12V20A & 24V10A

No-load output voltage :27.6V

Minimum starting voltage: >7.0V

Power and load :MAX 240W

Size :158 x90x50mm(6.22 x3.54 x1.97 inches)

Suit for :Lithium/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid (AGM,GEL,EFB, MF, FLOODED, VRLA, SLA and Wet batteries..)


What you Get:

1x Charger (20A or 30A OPtional)

1x User Manner

1x Clip line

1x AC Cable(EU/US/UK/AU OPtional)

P30 30A Show :


P20 PRO 20A Show :


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