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Everythin345Archies™Kinesiology Tape Muscle Patch Sports Bandage Medical Athletic Recovery Self Adherent Waterproof Bandage for Muscle Pain Relief

$9.99 USD$14.49 USD



2.5cm x 5m
3.8cm x 5m
5cm x 5m
7.5cm x 5m

Kinesiology Tape Description:


--- Sweat Absorption, High Breathable, Waterproof, Durable, Soft & Comfortable

Highly breathable and extremely light material, Muscle tape is not easy to accumulate sweat,

even if it is exercised for a long time, it can maintain excellent comfort, protect the joints,

muscles and fascia during exercise and relieve the pain caused by damage; reduce the impact of joints and tendons Promote blood circulation which reduces swelling., relieve muscle tension; assist in correcting deformity,

muscle contracture, acute or chronic tendon injury, and muscle energy rehabilitation therapy.


---  High Quality Material

Made of premium cotton, waterproof and breathable. Acrylic glue, good adhesion, does not irritate the skin, high stretchability, can be stretched to 160% of the original tape, covering a wider range. You can cut it into what you want, such as Y-shape, to make it cover a larger area.


--- Multiple uses

It helps reduce tissue pressure and support muscles and joints. It helps you recover faster from pain. Inhibition of hypertonic muscles,correction of the fascia,protecting muscles against excessive stress, protecting joints, it lifts the skin slightly to increase blood circulation which reduces swelling.


❤ Hypoallergenic kinesiology tape fix joints and prevent muscle strains to correct the movement posture, to recover the sports injury.

❤ Therapeutic tape is suitable for a variety of sports, like gym exercise, cycling, basketball, tennis, fitness, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, yoga, football, boxing, etc. keep Athletes to Remain Active while Injured.

❤ Applicable to all parts of the body, eapecially for joints and other parts of the body is not easy to dress, suitable for knees, shoulder, neck, arm, wrist, back, thigh, fingers, elbows, toes, Ankle.

❤Sports muscle tape can be used to pack sports equipment, such as baseball, racket handle, etc.

❤Kinesiology tape also used in some use tools, such as knives, hammers, fishing rods.

❤Recommended for one-time use,products applicable to general protection, not act directly on the wound.


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