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Everythin345Archies™Label Maker Machine Portable

$72.99 USD$146.89 USD



NiiMbot D11 Label Maker Machine Portable Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Multiple Templates Available for Office Home Organization USB Rechargeable


*Product size:132*79*29mm
*Product net weight:182g
*Printing speed:30-60mm/s
*Charging interface:Mirco-USB
*Printing Technology: Thermal
*Operating temperature:5~45℃
*Charging time:3-4 hours
*Applicable industries:Home - living room, kitchen, bedroom storage, etc.


① 2022 New Version

After the technical updating, the label maker is more convenient and powerful.

② Smaller, lighter

The weight and volume of new version are only half of the traditional version.

③ Powerful Functions

It is support to print various texts, numbers, graphics, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes,etc. And intelligent recognition of voices and pictures.

④ Rechargeable

It's rechargeable and can be used for 2 months on a single charge, which saves the trouble of long-term battery purchasing, environmentally-friendly.

⑤ Design Your Own Labels

The APP NIIMBOT contains various free texts, graphic symbols and business icons.

Label paper has varieties of colors and styles to choose from, you can design by yourself.

⑥ Bluetooth Connection

Wireless mini label maker can print within 10-meter away from the smartphone connected by Bluetooth.

⑦ Compatible with iPhone & Android phone.

⑧ Save Money

Bluetooth Label Printer with direct thermal technology, don't require ink, toner, or ribbons. It with lower cost compared to other printers.

⑨ Support multiple languages:

Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew,Korean, Portuguese, Japanese,Thai, Dutch, German and so on

⑩ About Paper

The labels are waterproof, dust and scratch resistant and last longer than ordinary labels

【Packing List】(Standard)

*Label Printer
*USB Cable
*User Manual
*Gift: 1 Roll of Label Paper

【Widely Used】

Home - living room, kitchen, bedroom storage and so on.

【Installation Steps】

Our service agreement is very safe. Please rest assured to download. Please follow these installation steps,Once you start using it, you will like it very much.

1.Download the App "NIIMBOT" from Apple Store/Google Play.

2.Open the App and choose the D11 Series Printer.

3.Connect D11 printer in “NIIMBOT” App,not in system settings.

4.When loading the paper, please make sure the sticker side facing down.

5.When printing, please ensure that the printed content is within the red print box, otherwise the complete content will not be printed.




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