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Everythin345Archies™Laser Assisted Aiming Slingsshot Double Screw Fast Compression Slingshot Outdoor Hunting Shooting Fishing Hunting Accessories

$33.99 USD$44.39 USD



Product parameters:
Slingshot height: 125 mm/4.9 inch
Slingshot width: 92 mm/3.6 in
Slingshot internal width: 43 mm/1.7 inch
Slingshot material: resin
Slingshot weight: 130g
Product features:
1. Equipped with luminous lamp and red laser collimator, 5 guide needles for precise shooting;
2. The spring quickly pulls the rubber belt, and the installation is fast and flexible;
3. Ergonomic handle, suitable for hand bending;
4. Bending resistant body and anti-skid design;
5. Horizontal calibration and attitude correction;
6. Light weight, easy to carry.
Product description:
Equipped with 10 splash effect point plug-ins, you can clearly see the track and adjust the shooting angle.
Precision shooting: The catapult is made of metal alloy, which is very durable. It allows you to hunt accurately. Once you get back to your goal, you can let go.
Have fun: The goal of the exercise can be completed in the wild, which is very interesting to play. Great for eye and attention training, entertainment, competition and hunting.
The perfect gift choice: exquisite, high quality and design. Our catapults are a great choice for people who love outdoor games and games.
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